Toma's Tan Perfect 4-Piece Set
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Get a natural looking tan without the costs of a visit to a tanning salon!

Get a natural looking, long lasting tan without ?tan palms" or streaking. Made from natural botanicals it will leave your skin feeling smoother and softer. You can even choose your shade. Toma's Tan Perfect is not a dye and it won't wash away. It will simply fade away like a natural tan. Don't cook to get the look!
What do I get?
• Body Scrub Formula 5 oz./148 mL
• Instant Tanning Formula 5 oz./148 mL
• Body Scrubber
• Application Glove

• Safer than sun tanning - no harmful UVA/UVB rays.
• Won't wash off in water, it gradually fades like a real tan.
• Using Toma's Tan Perfect is safer than tanning in the sun and less expensive than regular visits to a tanning salon. And, you can have a natural-looking tan all year round!

All you have to do is shower, shave and apply Toma's Tan Perfect. You can have the exact shade of tan you prefer. This breakthrough, 3-step system, with it's unique ingredients and rich botanicals, ensures satisfying results while producing healthier skin.

Q. How does it work?
A. Toma's Tan Perfect actually temporarily changes the pigmentation of your skin without dye. Instead, the special cream with DiHydroxy Acetone oxidizes your skin, changing its color. Similar to an apple that's been cut and begins to brown when exposed to air.

Q. How long does the tan last?
A. This is one of our favorite questions! We boast that the instant tanner only needs to be applied once or twice a week. You can always deepen your tan with more applications, if desired. With toma's tan perfect, you are in control of your own tan color.

Q. Will the tan wash off?
A. No. The tan is created by the DHA (dihydroxy) ingredient. Only the initial color will wash off. Just like a tan from the sun, it will fade with time. So relax. You can take showers and swim without fear! A weekly application of the Instant Tanner will maintain your tan.

Q. Can I use the instant tanner in the sun or with a sunbed?
A. Yes. Sunlight will enhance your tan. The sun or tanning bed, combined with Toma's Tan Perfect will create an accelerated and deeper tan. Note: You should use a proper sunscreen SPF or sunblock to protect your skin from the harmful UV radiation from the sun or artificial sun tanning lamps.

Q. This isn't a suntan lotion, right?
A. Correct. Since everyone has different skin tones, and different sensitivity to the sun, it would be impossible to include the proper sunscreen for everyone. Your degree of sun exposure and your preference for protection will lead you to the safe SPF rating for the sunscreens that you should use.

Q. Are there any harmful effects of this product?
A. Dermatologists will agree that tanning without the sun is much safer than tanning for prolonged hours in the sun. Toma's Tan Perfect is very conscious about safety, health, and environmental issues. For this reason, we have created an organically based product to ensure a safe tan. No animal testing was performed.

Q. What if I'm pregnant? Is it safe?
A. Yes, it's completely safe to use while pregnant.

Q. Can I use Toma's Tan Perfect on my face?

A. Yes. The formula was designed for the entire body, including the face. Just avoid the eye area. Toma's Tan Perfect is a delicate blend of quality ingredients. If you have sensitive skin and have a negative reaction to any of our products, discontinue immediately.

Q. How long does the instant tanner take to dry?

A. In general, 20 to 30 minutes is sufficient time for the instant tanner to dry. The level of moisture in your skin will vary. The humidity and temperature of your environment will also vary. Both will affect your drying time.

Q. Will the instant tanner stain my clothing or sheets?

A. No. Since organic pigment color is not a stain or a dye, it will not permanently stain. It will wash out without any laundering pre-treatments, but you should still allow it to dry before you get dressed

Q. Why is the instant tanner so brown?

A. The use of color pigment eliminates streaking, because "what you see is what you get." The color gives you the control of the location and the darkness of the color you apply. In the areas that require a darker tone, apply more of the instant tanner. For those areas such as the tops of your hands, spread it out more thinly to get a lighter color. Remember, the color is not a dye or stain. It is a naturally based organic color that is temporary. The DHA actually tans your body. Over time, the brown color may turn into a more greenish color. This is normal, and the instant tanner will still work. So don't worry about turning into E.T. The color is only used to help you apply the instant tanner evenly.

Q. I've used many of these self-tanning products, and they often streak or look yellowish. They also made my skin look blotchy. Is Toma's Tan Perfect different?

A. Yes. Toma's Tan Perfect is specially formulated not to streak, and to look exactly like a real tan. The only person that will know the difference is you.
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